NTIA‘s Nighttime Economy Summit is this week in Bristol  

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The NTIA summit features over 100 speakers with panels and workshops that feature innovators and entrepreneurs from the global nighttime sector.

VibeLab’s Global Cities After Dark is hosting a stage on day two with four international panels that bring to the fore pioneering discussions surrounding creative communities and nightlife.

Friday 8th April

Panel 1: Rising up from the crisis. Nighttime recovery for cities, communities, and the industry.

Time: 10.30- 11.15 BST

The nighttime industries have been hit by pandemic-related restrictions on all levels, with dire consequences for the whole nightlife ecosystem and the in a broad sense the social, cultural, and economic life of cities and the people living in them. Now that the pandemic is somewhat under control, we want to talk about the recovery process for cities, communities, and the industry.

Moderator: Michael Kill (NTIA)
Helen Sildna (Director Tallinn Music Week)
Alessio Koliulis (The Bartlett Development Planning Unit)
Meike LeCoultre (Policy Advisor Arts & Culture for the City of Amsterdam)
David Lezhava (Act4culture)

Panel 2: Changing the narrative around the globe for nighttime safety & wellbeing

Time: 11.30 – 12.15

There is an expanding understanding that cities are not made safer through policies that involve prohibition, policing, or stronger security measures, but through a focus on sustainable urban development that takes into consideration wellbeing and inclusion. However, the dialogue between urban planners, decision-makers, and policymakers with the collectives and promoters who are actively organising nighttime activities are not happening enough. This panel brings together Juma Assiago from the UN-Habitat Safer Cities program, with leaders in community and nightlife initiatives whose initiatives and events foster ideals of diversity, inclusion, safety, and representation that are historically at the heart of contemporary nightlife and club scenes. The panel will explore approaches to community safety and wellbeing at night and highlight how interdisciplinary global and local spheres across various disciplines can connect better.

Moderator: Lutz (VibeLab)
Lu Ghebremariam (Club Commission)
Steven Braines (He She They)
Juma Assiago (Safer Cities Program at UN-Habitat)

Panel 3: The future of creative space ownership in the age of property speculations and sky rocking rents.

Time: 12.30 -13.15

People living in cities are facing drastic rent escalations, as neighborhood gentrification follows creative communities across the globe. Whilst property developers bask in the glory of increasing revenue in neglected or up-and-coming areas, a progressive land ownership movement that explores equitable alternatives to the current system is now taking hold. This panel explores different perspectives on the protection of creative spaces and communities and highlights pioneering avenues for doing so.

Moderator: –
Dr Anna Marazuela Kim (Futurecity)
Pedro Jardim (Land Purpose Forum)
Ella Overkleeft Trans (Europe Halles)

Panel 4: How to become a nightlife advocate. Interactive session hosted by VibeLab. Learn the ropes from aspiring and established advocates.

Time: 13.30 – 14.15

Since 2001, more than sixty cities have established nighttime commissions or individual leaders who act as innovators and strategic thinkers to ensure safety, cultural vibrancy, and economic development at night. But how does one get into this position and why do cities need them? How to remain informed in the role?

Moderator: Mirik Milan (VibeLab)
Holly Lester (Free the Night)
Sunil Sharpe (Give Us the Night)
Lutz Leichsenring (VibeLab)
Mathieu Grondin (Montréal 24/24)

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Friday 8th April