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Don Diablo talks to VibeLab & friends about the positive outcomes that can emerge from the crisis? Destruction as the beginning!?

About Nightclub by VibeLab:

Moderated by Frank Sonder, “NightClub” focuses on Post-Covid scenarios of the music and club scene. The weekly talk series features an international artist in conversation with guest speakers of VibeLab involved in the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan.

The Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (nighttime.org/recoveryplan) is a collaborative, practical guide initiated by VibeLab for cities that are trying to determine the best way to design and execute a safe and feasible strategy to reopen and reactivate their creative and night-time economies.
The talk series will feature an international artist in conversation with guest speakers bridging the world of nighttime governance, event operators and sciences to talk about relatable issues that the night time industry is facing.

Bridging the world of nighttime governance, event operators and sciences to talk about relatable issues that the night time industry is facing.

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Fantastic new podcast about the role of night management on Spotify whatshot

New 24hr lifestyles have expanded the role of the night in society, requiring new forms of governance and representation for those who live, work, and socialise at night.

Enter – the night mayor! In the second episode of the six-part series, co-hosts Shelby Bassett and Andreina Seijas talk with Robert Shaw, Mirik Milan, and Diana Raiselis about how the cities after dark are being managed and how we can find new ways to understand and foster flourishing nighttime cultures.

Brought to you by Connected Cities at the University of Melbourne.

Urban experts from around the globe offer prompts, provocations, and casual conversations around city life and governance.

Created by Connect Cities Lab at the University of Melbourne.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify here

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Dutch clubbers hit dance-floor for study into easing lockdown

The Guardian reports on how 1,300 people take part in music event designed to aid decisions on how to reopen country despite coronavirus

Clubbers in Amsterdam were given a short reprieve from lockdown at the weekend as part of an examination of the risks attached to getting people back on the dancefloor.

The Ziggo Dome, the largest music arena in the Dutch capital, was opened to 1,300 people for four hours on Saturday. They were encouraged to dance to sets by Dutch DJs Sam Feldt, Lady Bee and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano.

Those participating were traced in all their movements and contacts through a tag, as part of an effort to examine how events may safely be opened up for the public again. They had been divided into five “bubbles” of 250 people, plus one of 50, each of which had to comply with different rules.

Read the full article in The Guardian

testFRWD DIY rapid test kit distributed around Europe

Resident Advisor report on how the testFRWD’s self-administered PCR saliva test kit has been distributed to Germany, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

Pitched as a key tool for reopening mass events in the music, sports and tourism sectors, the test kit aims to guarantee a “non-infectious time window of 72 hours.” It’s also framed as more effective than rapid antigen tests, with a “specificity of more than 99%,” and claims to be the first PCR test kit that can be used at home without need for a health professional or sterile environment.

Paired with an app that uses facial recognition algorithms to identify test recipients, users film themselves gargling the saline solution for a minute and receive results via an app in 24 hours. Users then receive a verification that allows them to attend the event. testFRWD is already available in Austria and is being used by the government to test school children. Major football clubs like Bayern München and AC Milan are supporting the venture’s roadmap for reopening sports events. The test was launched in September last year.

Visit the Official site for testfwd

Read the RA news piece

Ireland plans to overhaul licensing laws and extend club closing times

Speaking to Resident Advisor, Give Us The Night campaigner Sunil Sharpe called the news a “huge development.

Ireland’s justice minister, Helen McEntee, has unveiled new plans to overhaul current licensing laws and extend nightclub closing times. The commitments to nightlife were among around 200 measures included in McEntee’s Justice Plan 2021, which was announced on Monday, February 22nd. Though the plans are still to be finalised, they’re expected to include staggered and extended closing times for pubs and clubs, as well as a new annual permit to allow clubs to stay open past 2:30 AM, The Irish Times reports. “I fully acknowledge that we are talking about this at a time when much of that industry is closed,” McEntee told Newstalk. “What I want to say very clearly to that industry is that when you get back on your feet, we are going to be there to support you.”

Read the full article on Resident Advisor

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Enlightened: Planning and Designing Public Spaces for the Night

“Design all the public spaces you want for daylight but, once the sun sets, different opportunities come out to play. Fortunately, a new field of expertise has emerged for placemaking at night. A city’s nighttime economic vitality, culture, public health and — of course — safety can be enhanced by how public spaces are designed and how light is shaped.

On Tuesday, March 9, 24HourDallas hosts two internationally respected experts in light, art, and placemaking at night. Join us for this free, one-hour Zoominar as we illuminate what it could mean to better fuse art, light, and urban design into public spaces at night … in Dallas.”

• Leni Schwendinger — NightSeeing™ (http://www.nightseeing.net/); Light Projects LTD (http://www.lightprojectsltd.com); International Nighttime Design Initiative (https://nighttimedesign.org/)
• Joshua King — Dallas AURORA (https://dallasaurora.com/)

• Bryan Tony — Placemaking Chair, 24HourDallas

• Randall White — Board President, 24HourDallas

• Architectural Lighting Alliance (https://www.alatx.com/)

Let’s create a safe, vibrant, and diverse nighttime culture in Dallas for businesses, residents, and guests. The nighttime is for everyone. Join at 24hourdallas.org

🄽🄸🄶🄷🅃🄲🄻🅄🄱 by vibelab | in conversation with Booka Shade, Dominique Greco & Riccardo Ramello & Yuko Asanuma

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this weeks session 25th Feb session will be postponed until future notice.

“NightClub” will focus on Post-Covid scenarios of the music and club scene.

VibeLab is hosting live discussions on the new voice focused social media app, clubhouse. The new weekly series called NIGHTCLUB, will take place each Thursday at 20:00 on the app.

Each week the talk series feature an international artist in conversation with guest speakers involved in the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan, bridging the world of nighttime governance, event operators and sciences to talk about relatable issues that the night time industry is facing.

This week we are discussing what are the positive outcomes that can emerge from the crisis.

Exploring how destruction can be the beginning of something new and the good within the bad.

Joining the discussion we have:

Booka Shade, legendary tech house duo who run the label Get Physical 

Dominique Greco

The City of Orlando's Nighttime Economy Manager. One of the first night time economy managers in the world, Dominique started the role in 2017 and has been paving the way in nighttime governance.

Ricardo Ramello, 

Founder of Club Futuro/ PhD on Night Time Economy and violence at Nottingham Trent University 
Yuko Asanuma

Music Journalist, Booking agent, Artist manager and Event promoter Berlin/Germany 
Lutz Leichsenring

Co-Founder VibeLab, Spokesperson Clubcommission Berlin/Germany
Moderated by public speaker entrepreneur, business consultant, Frank Sonder

The Global Nighttime Recovery Plan is a collaborative, practical guide initiated by VibeLab for cities that are trying to determine the best way to design and execute a safe and feasible strategy to reopen and reactivate their creative and night-time economies.

Join the clubhouse group and disucssion!

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NTIA release report on Covid-19’s impact on UK Nightlife

An inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Nighttime Economy, releases a report on Covid 19 impact on UK nightlife.. The report consists of over over 20,0000 survey responses with over 100 submissions, thank you to everyone who took part in the survey, your findings have been presented to the government.

To read the report go to: www.ntia.co.uk/appg 

Nightclubs and theatres could reopen with help of rapid Covid tests, Boris Johnson says

Rapid-turnaround coronavirus tests could be used to allow the reopening of nightclubs and theatresBoris Johnson has said.

Speaking at a Downing Street press conference, Mr Johnson again ruled out the use of “vaccine passports” as proof of immunity for people who want to go into pubs or entertainment venues.

But he indicated that once vaccination is widespread in the community, he believes there is a role for lateral flow tests, which provide results within minutes, to permit access to the destinations where social distancing rules are hardest to maintain.

However his comments have raised alarm among critics as the quick-turnaround lateral flow tests have raised concerns over false negative readings.

Read the full article in the Independent here

‘Health passports’ to be trialled at UK music venues

Original article published in Crack Magazine

The trials will be held at London’s 100 Club and Bristol’s Exchange.

A new ‘health passport’ system is set to be trialled in music venues in the UK as a step towards re-opening the live music sector as safely as possible. Created by the company You Check, the health passport system will make it possible for venue door staff to verify an event attendee’s name, age, ticket and Covid-19 test result in one place.

The first trials are taking place at 100 Club in London and Exchange in Bristol (pictured). Events will run at 25% capacity, and with two sets of tests on the same people. The trials are expected to begin in spring.

You Check is a start-up app which launched in mid-2019. The app was originally designed as a ticket/ID system to tackle touts and offer promoters a new line of communication with their audience. In the wake of Covid-19, and the postponement and cancellation of music events, the team behind the app adapted its systems to connect with track and trace software.

You Check are working with Music Venue Trust on the health passport app trials, which have now been approved by the government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Fred Krefting, founder and COO at You Check, told Event Industry News, “We’re working, not exclusively, with Innova in terms of testing – technology that looks for a viral load high enough to be contagious with 97 per cent plus accuracy. With Covid-19 the incubation period is two to five days. For the honeymoon phase after the test, it’s the shorter the better, which means you’re good to go to a show for 48 hours.”

“It’s important to work alongside government when running these pilots and we’re grateful to the DCMS for giving us the go-ahead.”

Mark Davyd, CEO of Music Venue Trust, said, “You Check’s identity first solution has a lot of potential to help venues and promoters manage risk.”

“It has a fast and thorough authentication process which enables health information to be stored against portable digital identity and Music Venue Trust is pleased to be working with You Check to explore how this technology might form part of a comprehensive process which enables us to reopen every venue safely.”

Original article published in Crack Magazine