What is the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (GNRP)? 

The Global Nighttime Recovery Plan is a collaborative, practical guide for cities that are trying to determine the best way to design and execute a safe and feasible strategy to reopen and reactivate their creative and night-time economies.

The guide is a joint effort that involves activists, practitioners, academics and industry representatives from all over the world, and is meant to be an interactive platform to share frameworks, tools, and practices among cities during these unprecedented times. For this reason, the guide is meant to be both an accurate but flexible document that can be updated as the circumstances change. 

Why is it needed?

Cultural, community, and economic activity at night is essential to a city’s vibrancy and productivity and supports numerous local and international industries. The nighttime economy: 

But the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown nighttime economies and cultures into uncertainty across the globe.

In many cities, clubs, venues, and other gathering spaces will likely be the last to re-open, making nighttime cultural economies highly vulnerable. As we begin to shift from lockdown, we must re-envision how urban systems coexist with the ongoing threat of COVID-19—and those systems must extend into the night. 

Read and download Chapter One:

Open-air Nightlife And COVID-19: Managing Outdoor Space & Sound

Upcoming Chapters:

The plan has been structured into a set of themes that address specific issues that cities are facing globally.

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This guide is written to provide all members of the night-time ecosystem the knowledge and tools to aid their cities in planning for safe, intentional, and equitable re-opening. Each chapter includes guidance from re-opening to re-imagination: 

  • RESOLVE: Analysis of cities’ immediate actions to contain COVID-19 spread – where most stakeholders are today
  • RESILIENCE and RETURN: Tools and strategies to shape recovery 
  • REIMAGINATION and REFORM: Scenario planning to define the next normal 

What’s next?

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