The Nighttime Manifesto represents a united commitment to creating a safer, more sustainable and resilient nightlife.

Rise Up for a better future一The Nighttime Manifesto is a collective reflection of the values that drive global nighttime communities, calling for a large-scale acknowledgement and improvement for the night.

Society is recovering from a global pandemic, impacted by severe drought, climate change, war, increasing living costs, an ongoing threat of gentrification, cuts to the arts, and social care. The manifesto acknowledges the importance of shared social spaces and safety at night. It has been created as a collaborative reaction from nighttime communities who have reflected on the unifying core values of nightlife and developed a shared vision for the future.

“In a time of isolation, polarization, and digitalization, nightlife remains an essential analogue space in which people from different walks of life can come together, dance, play, and express themselves and their creativity in the collective presence of others.” 

extract from Rise Up- A Nighttime Manifesto

This vision is collated in the manifesto to encourage conscious, aware action, and change and to get recognition for the integral role that life at night plays in society. The manifesto is a living breathing open document that aims to ignite cross-sector dialogue and celebrate those who are committed to creating a safer, more resilient and sustainable future for nightlife. Get involved! 

So far, the Manifesto has collected contributions from over 120 creatives in 55 cities worldwide. Over one year, VibeLab hosted 10 focus groups with moderators and organizers based in Antwerp, Bangkok, Belfast, Berlin, Durban, Johannesburg, Mälmo, Montreal, New York, São Paulo, Singapore, Stuttgart, and Tbilisi. Participants included artists, promoters, ravers, venue operators, label owners, festival organizers, activists, academics, journalists, and city officials. 

These discussions sought to understand communities’ aspirations for the future of nightlife and the road they believe we should take to get there. We found that communities seek a future that is aware, communal, creative, safe and sustainable. The actions they believe will inspire a better future include (1) bridging the gaps between communities and other stakeholders; (2) ensuring the safety of scenes; (3) fostering the next generation of advocates; (4) improving working conditions; (5) raising the awareness of nightlife; and (6) strengthening nighttime advocacy solidarity. 

We understand that there are severe limitations in attempting a global approach with the manifesto, therefore this release stage serves as the tip of the iceberg, for a more detailed, education-focused series of action steps that will follow, tailored to each community and scene. In each localised context across the world, the term “marginalised” could include but is not limited to groups that are excluded due to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, language, and/or immigration status. The collaborative manifesto encourages nighttime curators, promotors, venue owners, the community, labels, performers and advocates to work together to think critically about their local contexts.

“This Manifesto is a call to action to make our scenes and nights something that we can be proud of. We all have work to do and a role to play in fostering a better future: investing in our communities, nurturing our youth, increasing access for marginalized populations, creating safer spaces, advocating for better working conditions, implementing circular and sustainable practices, and representing our scenes and communities in the face of greater decision-making.”

extract from Rise Up- A Nighttime Manifesto

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