Academics from cities from around the world are working on a Global Nighttime Recovery Plan to save the nightlife industries

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“Nightlife spaces are where we connect, where we innovate and shape the identity of our cities.”

—Mirik Milan, VibeLab co-founder and former night mayor of Amsterdam

Since the worldwide lockdowns of spring 2020, VibeLab has initiated a global dialogue among night mayors and commissioners, scholars and academics, resulting in the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan.

Developed in discussion with urban designers, planners, and nighttime industry leaders, and drawing from nighttime cities implementing responsive public health policies and strategic recovery measures, the plan utilises case studies to present workable solutions for cities of many sizes, geographical and economic contexts, and multiple models of nighttime governance.

The plan has been structured into a set of themes that address specific issues that cities are facing globally. The first chapter, released next week is led by Mark Adam Harold from Vilnius Night Alliance and will cover the many facets involved in operating Open-air nightlife. A guide to whether it is feasible for night-time venues to operate as open-air establishments? What implications does that have for safety and quality of life of patrons, employees and city residents?

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