GNRP Chapter 6: Sustaining our Nightlife Scenes (Part II)

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This instalment looks at various the ways that the state including national and local government can help the nighttime sector recover from the impacts of Covid-19, with key examples from across the world


The chapter provides a clear and adaptable manual for national and local governments, calling attention to a variety of best practices, in which the state can help nighttime sectors recover from the impacts of Covid-19.

Led by UK licensing barrister and longtime nightlife ally Philip Kolvin, the chapter focuses on the need for a new mindset based on creative partnership – rather than suffocating regulation, as it has been in the past.

“What I wish to see is the government normalising the concept of intervening in the interest of artists and not being a spectator. We need our governments to foster an enabling environment…”

– Eddie Hatitye, Music in Africa Foundation and GNRP interviewee. 

“The nighttime sector needs more than just warm words or short-term stimulus. It needs a secure, stable and disciplined operating environment so that the entrepreneurs and creatives who make up the sector, and the investors who back them, have the platform and confidence to plan for the future.”

– GNRP authors

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