Green spaces as cultural areas. Will raves in Berlin’s parks soon be legal?

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Der Tage Spiegel reports on how illegal raves have been springing up in parks and on the water ways in Berlin due to clubs remaining closed for the foreseeable future. Berlin’s ClubCommission have been working on ways to communicate with the Berlin municipality in order to legalise and tolerate events.

[Translation from German]

“Illegal events and the boat demo would have stigmatised the scene. “We need good examples,” says the district mayor. 

At The Berlin Club Commission, Ilya Minaev has been dealing with free open-air events for years. 

Last year, the Club Commission launched a pilot project on an industrial wasteland in the Haselhorst district of Spandau. There were legal celebrations there on 40 evenings and nights in 2019 – without complaints, without problems. 

This year they wanted to extend the project to the Spreepark in Treptow, the authorities had already given the green light, but then Corona came. Now Minaev hopes that the party scene will soon be provided with new space. Minaev also pleads for events with DJs, amplified, electronic music and possibly also light shows to take place outdoors.  So far, there have only been discussions in Pankow, but green spaces are out of the question because of their desolate condition.  Instead, spaces or fallow land are conceivable.”

Lists have already been created internally for legal raves that are intended to guarantee social and ecological sustainability.These have now been expanded to include recommendations on protection against infection.

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