Join us for the upcoming Global Nighttime Manifesto workshops

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Built with contributions from around the world, the Global Nighttime Manifesto seeks to symbolise a united commitment towards creating a safer, more sustainable and equitable sector. Join us in one of our seven upcoming focus groups.

“We do it out of love. And because we love what we do, we’ll always find a way to make it work.”

– Steven Raspa (San Francisco), Stadt Nach Acht

Since May 2020, VibeLab has been working with nighttime creatives and music conference partners to create the Global Nighttime Manifesto. Through a series of focus groups, we aim to understand what values drive nighttime communities, what the future of nightlife should look like, and why fighting for our scenes is important. These insights will go towards building the Manifesto, due to be released in the coming months.

For the next round of focus groups, we are hosting discussions tailored around a particular country, region, or topic. Our goal is to amplify new voices in the global conversation on nighttime recovery, and to help create meaningful spaces where future collaborations can emerge from. With the help of passionate moderators, we have identified the following discussion topics.  

Register for the upcoming workshops: 

16 Feb 20225-6:30PM CETThe Future of Nightlife in the Eastern European Region: From Azerbaijan to Ukraine
Co-moderator: David Lezhava
17 Feb 20228-9:30PM CETThe Future of Nightlife in Ireland and The UK
Co-moderator: Ciara Power
22 Feb 20227:30-9PM CETThe Future of Nightlife in South Africa
Co-moderators: Jackie Queens, Andiswa Dlamini, Oliver Neate
24 Feb 20228-9.30PM CETFinale: Looking Ahead (Open for all!)
Co-moderator: Robbe Van Bogaert

Complete Workshops: 

10 Feb 2022CompleteThe Future of Nightlife in Southeast Asia Co-moderator: Phuong Le
11 Feb 2022CompleteCreating Safer Spaces (Open for all!) Co-moderator: Kae Burke

While many different communities are a part of this project, the Manifesto is only the beginning of what we hope becomes a movement of transnational collaborations. If you are unable to join any of the remaining conversations but would still like to contribute to the Manifesto, please reach out to

Over the last year, we have hosted four discussions at global music conferences in São Paulo, New York, Stuttgart, and Berlin. Creatives from around the world were invited to participate, both virtually and in-person. Across these four events, roughly 45 participants representing over 30 cities in Latin America, North America, Europe, Southwest Asia, and Southeast Asia joined us.

Manifesto Focus Group at FERVO Conference (2021).

“People in Brazil recognise the importance of Carnival beyond the partying. It’s about engaging communities, creating jobs, coming together as a diverse country. How can a similar awareness be built around nightlife outside of Carnival?”

– Anonymous, FERVO Conference
Manifesto Focus Group at About POP Konferenz (2021).

“If we want sustainable change, we need to bridge the gap between city officials and nighttime communities.”

– Hannes Götsch (Silandro), About Pop Konferenz