Tallinn is now on the map as a city actively advocating for the night!

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Natalie Mets is the new Nighttime Advisor for the Estonian Capital.

After seven to eight years of campaigning about the need for a nighttime advocacy role in Tallinn, Natalie Mets, has officially been appointed the position of “Nighttime Advisor” for Tallinn City Government. 

Natalie joined the Social Democratic party a year ago and is now the Nighttime Advisor working on an official nighttime strategy for the Estonian capital.

The key areas Natalie will be working on  in the new position are : 

  • A fair support mechanism for nightclubs, music venues and other businesses operating during nighttime and helping them recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

  • Introducing more nighttime leisure time activities  to do at nighttime. This could be anything from opening up sports grounds and parks to nighttime cinema and extended opening hours for museums.

  • Accessible public space at night that meets everyone’s needs.

  • Acknowledging that domestic violence and violence towards minority groups is also a  nighttime issue.

  • Overall safety and order  in the city during nighttime

For more information, to connect with Natalie and the Global community of nighttime community advocates head to our interactive map of nighttime offices.