+++UPDATE: USA: Once they built stages for Coachella. Now they’re building coronavirus triage tents

Ryan Choura, chief executive of Choura Events, pivoted his company from working on music festivals to building triage tents for the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Choura Events, based in Southern California provides tents and staging facilities for tens of thousands of attendees at music, sport and dining events across the US. However in the course of a month, what had been a profitable market for live events, has totally collapsed due to the pandemic.

“Live Nation and AEG closed down their entire festival and concert schedule, along with all major sports leagues playing now. His 200 employees were suddenly without any work, and it was difficult to see when anybody would be gathering in public in the near future.”

Despite the chaos, Choura saw a sudden urgency for very specific services his firm could provide. Hospitals and local governments were in dire need of temporary facilities to treat COVID-19 patients.

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