VibeLab at ADE hosting a Hybrid Habitat: Nightlife workshop

read: 2 minutes

Movement – Workshop – Panel Discussion

 As part of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), VibeLab x Hybrid Space Lab x SIP is hosting an in-person workshop and panel “Hybrid Habitat: Nightlife” on October 20th 2022 at Sexyland in Amsterdam.

The night is a theatre of multi-species performances, with the songs of the nightingale or the robin redhead singing at night attracted by the artificial light or the dances of the bats, creating an acoustic and visual experience space.

“Hybrid Habitat: Nightlife” investigates the future of nightlife at the crossroads of technological innovation and the pressing urgency of biodiversity loss. It focuses on sustainable future club cultures, fostering and stewarding interspecies co-existence. A hybrid approach allows the technology to be considered in the context of the biological. For us humans, technologies can help to notice, observe, and collaborate with our biosphere in crisis.

Our program brings together experts from science, technology and nightlife and will raise these and many other questions: How will club spaces and inner cities look like in an interspecies future? And how will the ongoing digital transformation be exploited for new artistic practices in the nightlife which allow humans to notice and collaborate with more-than-human life?

2:00pm: Dose of Pleasure – Movement

Dose of Pleasure is a guided dancefloor meditation hosted by dancer, drag artist, raver, and poetic bodyworker Alvin Collantes. This session will guide participants into getting in touch with their bodily creatures. A perfect warm-up for the following rounds of conversation! (If you arrive late, you can still drop in.)

3:30pm: Animal Club – Workshop 

What will club spaces look like when they are designed as interspecies habitats for human, plant, and animal life? And how will the ongoing digital transformation be exploited for new artistic practices in interspecies clubs which allows humans to notice and co-create with more-than-human life? 

Animal Club creates a space of radical imagination. We will explore how technology and creative practice can help clubs to assimilate within their neighbourhood and biosphere, and how this will give birth to new forms of pleasure.

6:00pm: Fertilization & Cultivation of the Night – Panel

Accelerated by the pandemic, retail stores and offices are moving further or entirely to the digital realm. It seems now more urgent than ever to enter this void with arts and culture – to question the future of inner cities; to re-imagine it and innovate, to protect and rightfully shape it. This panel is exploring strategies and new tools to fertilize and cultivate creative space in future cities. How can we build viable, resilient and inclusive spaces capable of balancing the economic and social demands of creative communities and landlords? And what opportunities may lie in purchasing online territory and extending operations to the metaverse?