“The Denkathon”: Hackathon to #SaveTheNight

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Every bright, German speaking night owl with a love of nightlife can get involved.

In order to find solutions to the impact of the global crisis, the collaborative creative laboratory of VibeLab and Jägermeister is organising the very first hackathon to save nightlife. “The Denkathon” will take place digitally between the 15th -17th January 2021.

The aim of the digital Denkathon is to find creative solutions for the preservation of night culture, taking into account diverse expertise from scientific, political, technological and the nightlife industry backgrounds.

“Awareness of the dire situation in the industry and financial support are important. But what is needed now above all is solutions and perspectives on how the nightlife industry will continue.” 

Kathleen Schied , Head of Marketing Jägermeister Germany:

Participation in the Denkathon is free. Everyone over the age of 18 can take part and the winners will be offered prize money. Register here.

What areas of nightlife will the Denkathon focus on?

The Denkathon will address five current nightlife challenges which will be processed in virtual rooms, called “clubs”, with groups of up to six people.

  • The Club Social will focus on how we can stay connected in our private and professional life, despite the challenges physical distance can impose upon communities.
  • The Daybreak Club is dedicated to problem solving how major events such as festivals and concerts can be resumed.
  • Movers and Shakers Club will look at the pathways restauranteurs can take to generate sales despite persistent restrictions.
  • Club Culture Club is about generating ideas for established and emerging artists who have been hit hard by the crisis because they can no longer live out their creativity. How will it be possible to give them a stage back? 
  • Club Dance explores what technologies help us to reopen locations like bars and clubs, taking into account the current restrictions? 

Each club is moderated and inspired by experts. For example, the Berlin graduate psychologist Franziska Lauter will contribute to the Club Social . In her practice in Berlin-Mitte, Lauter primarily advises artists and people whose creative work is in public.

At the end of the think tank, a five-person jury will evaluate all possible solutions according to criteria such as creativity or feasibility. 

On January 17th, the three most promising ideas will be announced at the Denkathon and the first three places will be rewarded with prize money. 

The jury will consist of representatives from the hospitality, event industry, science, technology and politics. Among others, David Süß, who runs the Harry Klein Club in Munich and, as a member of the GRÜNEN in Munich’s city council, is committed to sustainable nightlife, is part of the committee.

“2021 will be a difficult year of transition, where creativity is required to give artists a stage, to generate income and to be able to hold events safely. We are hoping for exciting impulses and ideas with the Denkathon”

Lutz Leichsenring, co-founder of VibeLab.

Find out more about the Denkathon here