Research for Creative Footprint Montréal is about to commence

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Creative Footprint is a research project that investigates creative spaces and communities to examine and emphasise the cultural value and impact that music and nightlife have on the city. (CFP) is registering participants to take part in upcoming focus groups aimed at promoters, collectives and folks that run music and nightlife spaces in Montréal.

The focus groups are open to the Montréal nightlife communities to register and will take place both online and in-person

Register your interest in Creative Footprint Montréal

This study is the first of its kind in Montreal and in Canada, following suit of cities including Berlin, New York, Tokyo and Stockholm, and it will be a vital tool for the implementation of the city’s nightlife strategy. At its core, the objective of Creative Footprint is to support the development of 24-hour cities that are world-renowned for their vibrancy, diversity, safety and access to amenities throughout the day and night. 

What is Creative Footprint?

Creative Footprint (CFP) is a project created and conducted by nighttime consultancy agency VibeLab. Creative Footprint’s methodology was developed by Lutz Leichsenring, in partnership with Harvard University and PennPraxis. PennPraxis is the centre for applied research, professional practice, and community engagement at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design

The methodology goes beyond economic impact, by prioritising original content, interdisciplinary connections and multi-purpose spaces that foster talent,  strengthen communities and make our cities unique. The resulting report includes detailed data, observations from community leaders, a final score, and recommendations for the city. 

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Why Montréal?

Montréal’s nightlife scene’s sustained commitment, enthusiasm and resilience are being recognised by the city of Montréal for the benefit that nightlife communities bring to the local culture and economies, thanks to  MTL 24/24 a non-profit organisation that provides a framework for Montréal’s nightlife. 

 In May this year (2022), the mayor of  Montréal, Mayor Valérie Plante, announced a roadmap to regenerate Montréal’s nightlife, that acknowledges the importance and relevance of music culture. 

“There are people who want to sleep and there are those who want to party. Parties are part of Montréal’s DNA… [and] nightlife is an important economic driver for the metropolis.—Montréal’s Mayor Valérie 

Part of the plan features a pilot project that would extend the opening hours of some venues to test the effectiveness of operating continuously in designated zones. Followed by Montréal’s first and longest dance party at the Société des Arts Technologiques. NONSTOP 24/24 was the first of a series of all-night nightlife events approved by the city to gather data about allowing venues to operate past 3 a.m, initiated by  MTL 24/24 

“The city’s action plan provides a clear timetable that should lead to the adoption of a nightlife policy next summer, redefining the operational framework for nightlife activities,” General Manager of MTL 24/24, Mathieu Grondin

Why gather data on nightlife?  

Creative Footprint solidifies channels of communication between grassroots creatives and policymakers. Gathering data on life at night and creative communities will provide tangible information to empower nightlife communities.  

“We are now seeing the benefits of our mission to measure the unmeasured things – things we know are important to our creative communities. Communities that have never had their real nature in data form before and we can use this deep knowledge as a basis for action.”  —Michael Fichman, CFP Senior Data Scientist, PennPraxis.

There are currently three more cities in the pipeline for the CFP. The CFP initiative has earned recognition as a valuable tool for developing and improving nightlife policies. Creative ecosystems are ever-changing and developing, following Covid-19’s impact on creative communities, cities need to keep an open dialogue with their creatives, and CFP helps to shed light on organisations that need support. 

Next steps

Register your interest in Creative Footprint Montréal

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★ Share the sign-up form and banner with your creative networks in Montréal

★ The CFP founders and data scientists are available to be interviewed:

  • Lutz Leichsenring, Co-founder of VibeLab 
  • Michael Fichman, Senior Data Scientist, PennPraxis at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design
  • Mathieu Grondin, General Manager of MTL 24/24

★ For more information regarding the Creative Footprint Report and the opportunity to have the mapping research project conducted in your city, contact