Moving with resilience: Queer Nightlife in the time of COVID-19, Part 2

29 / May / 2020 – Joaquin Gutierrez & Mimi Tempestt For queer people in nightlife, coming together means way more than bodies in a room, whether we can spread them six feet apart or not. Our culture is where we conduct business, connect with our chosen families, utilize our energies and create community. Historically, […]

Preserving our Unity: Queer Nightlife in the time of COVID-19, Part 1

22 / May / 2020 by Mimi Tempestt & Will J  “I miss dancers so much, to be quite honest. I miss seeing people let loose and be free, even if it’s just [until] last call.” —Your Muther, DJ, co-founder/producer and promoter of Homoccult, Lez Croix and the late San Francisco-based party Queerly Beloved  It already seems […]

Why nightlife should be a state priority in post-COVID19 Europe and beyond

15 / May / 2020 by Jordi Nofre, Iñigo Sánchez-Fuarros & Cristiana Vale Pires This text was originally published in Portuguese for the online version of Público, a Portuguese daily national newspaper based in Lisbon, Portugal. As a consequence of the COVID19 pandemic and the unprecedented lockdown imposed by many national governments in both the global North and South, […]

Changes in the landscape: Predicting the event industry in a Post-Corona era

Marcel Pantera, stalwart of the Dutch festival landscape and owner of entertainment industry concept and strategy agency, Treat, uses his substantial experience in event execution and attendee behaviour to speculate on how the events landscape will change when the world is once again able to gather, create and celebrate en masse.

“Plan Bs don’t apply” – First responses from the global nightlife industry’s frontline of defence

24 / March / 2020 by Jordan Rahlia New York City Night Mayor Ariel Palitz, Berlin Clubcommission’s Lutz Leichsenring and Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference Director Jane Slingo reflect on the past week, and share their initial response tactics to the coronavirus fallout. “It is quite amazing to see everyone having the same conversation,” says Ariel […]

Nocturnal Governance in times of social distancing: The role of cities in saving nighttime industry and culture.

05 / April / 2020 by Andreina Seijas Just like September 11 marked a before and after in terms of airport and national security, COVID-19 could reshape some of the habits and norms of sociability in large urban areas.While the pandemic still hasn’t reached its peak in many parts of the world, experts already predict […]

Gobernanza nocturna en tiempos de distanciamiento social: El rol de las ciudades en salvar la cultura y la vida nocturna

05/ April/ 2020 by Andreina Seijas Así como el 11 de septiembre marcó un antes y un después en términos de seguridad, el COVID-19 podría transformar algunos de los hábitos y normas de sociabilidad en grandes áreas urbanas.  Esta crisis ha puesto a prueba nuestra capacidad e inclinación natural de ser sociables, pero también ha creado […]