Night Walk at NTE Summit: Navigating Urban Spaces on Thursday, the 8th of February.

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Join us for this essential conversation as we navigate urban experiences shaped by gender and identity. Our international panel is set to delve into the nuances of navigating urban spaces, shedding light on challenges related to security and visibility, both by day and night.

Register to attend the Night Walk in Manchester at the NTE Summit (Day One) on Thursday the 8th of February. The night walk will start at 6 pm from Stage 3, Freight Island, and will be led by a group of specialists in local governance, urban planning, and social innovation. More information here.

The night walk aims to delve into how women,  LGBTQI+  BIPOC, encounter and interact with urban spaces, drawing attention to the distinctive challenges, particularly regarding security and visibility during daytime and nighttime.

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We look forward to seeing you there.