Rotterdam will be in spotlight for Creative Footprint study in 2024

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We’re happy to share that in 2024 we will be conducting a Creative Footprint study in Rotterdam. This initiative sets the stage for an invigorated, sustainable nightlife and cultural scene that the Municipality of Rotterdam, N8W8 R’dam has envisioned when commissioned VibeLab, in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s PennPraxis, to conduct an in-depth study into the city’s vibrant music and nightlife spaces and communities throughout 2024.

Photo credit: Mark Bolk, Instagram @markbolk

As Rotterdam stands on the cusp of integrating nightlife into its urban policy, this research aims to provide a comprehensive overview and actionable insights into the ecosystem of the city’s after-dark culture. N8W8 R’dam, a leading local nightlife advocacy and advisory organization, will play a crucial role in steering this project, ensuring a deep and authentic engagement with the city’s unique nightlife landscape.

Rotterdam is the seventh city that Creative Footprint study researched, joining the ranks of global cities like Berlin, Stockholm, and Montrál, where CFP sparked positive change and growth in the nightlife sectors.

Get Involved

The journey begins in mid-March 2024, with a series of engagements with Rotterdam’s most influential nightlife changemakers, setting the stage for a wider dialogue and data collection effort. This project is not just a study; it’s a movement towards a more dynamic, accessible, and thriving nightlife culture in Rotterdam.

We invite everyone interested in shaping the future of Rotterdam’s nightlife to get involved. For more details on how to participate or to stay updated on the project’s progress, please reach out via the Google form linked, follow N8W8 R’dam on social media, or subscribe to our mailing list