New Feature- Moving with resilience: Queer Nightlife in the time of COVID-19, Part 2 🌒

The Color Kidz

For the second part of the three part series: Queer Nightlife in the time of COVID-19, Joaquin Gutierrez, Los Angeles-based Community Sexual Health Organizer and LGBTQIA+ Event Coordinator, looks at how Mexicos community is moving with resilience.

Joaquin believes Mexican queer/trans/non-binary nightlife culture is vibrant, resilient, hard-working and innovative, and that the stories of this community must be shared as a form of resistance to the oppressive factors that Mexican culture implicates on us as Queer beings.

“From Tijuana to Guadalajara, Jalisco, the future of the queer community in Mexico calls to question what steps for survival are necessary, leaving people in different socio-economic and social levels of the community scrambling to do what’s best for themselves.”

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