+++Update: Berlin’s nightlife collectives stand together and announce Berlin Collective Action: Nightlife Emergency Fund

The emergency fund aims to provide financial aid to at-risk nightlife workers in Berlin — those whose livelihoods have been severely impacted by COVID-19.

Co-organisers include members of aequa, Berlin Strippers’ Collective,
DOGMA, Host Aware, Lecken, POLY. Artists, Radiant Love, Room 4 Resistance, TS
Raver and TUF.

For more information and to donate:



+++Update; New York Times on the imminent unfolding food crisis & the importance of effective federal aid.

Federal food aid, that utilises unused restaurants & public spaces, would support millions of jobs whilst feeding those in need.

 Extract from article:

— Support the private sector as quickly as possible when the economy crashes, as it did after Maria: activate kitchens with federal dollars to serve the people.

— Repurpose and deploy community facilities, while expanding their mission: use the kitchens in schools and arenas to feed more people, more quickly.

— Solve the informational and logistical challenge: Matching demand and supply — by getting food to the people who need it most — is even more challenging than cooking in a crisis. Distribution is the Achilles’ heel of any disaster response.


+++Update: Seattle organisation releases Covid-19 Handbook for the Creative Industries

Working to adapt and move forward in the new Corona Virus reality, King County- Creative have compiled a useful handbook for the creatives during the pandemic.

Full of resources, initiatives and tips to support arts, culture and community whilst taking care of yourself.

King County Creative is a organisation in in Seattle, focused on supporting film, music and the creative industries for the region.

Read more here:

“+++Update:Online Australian music festival launches with major artists streaming direct from instagram

The COVID-19 outbreak has put live music across to a stand still across the globe.

Isol-Aid has stepped in to replace cancelled gigs by streaming direct from the bedrooms, bathrooms, studios of the artists. You can check out the festival over the weekend, by following the artists instagram channels at the dedicated slots listed below.

+++Update: UK government formally orders nightclubs, bars, pubs to close after a week of criticism.

In a press conference on Friday 20th, prime minister Boris Johnson ordered nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, gyms and similar public, social spaces to close after a week of criticism from bodies such as London’s Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) and Music Venue Trust.


An extract:

His direction was less clear on Monday afternoon, when he “advised” the public to “avoid” “non-essential contact” and spaces like clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants. 

“+++Update: London/UK: A plea to Boris Johnson to temporarily close grassroots venues

Music Venue Trust has issues an open letter to Boris Johnson amid fears for music industry hit by coronavirus.

This plea follows concerns that the lack of legal restriction on venues subsequently means that they will not be able to stay afloat from insurance for the expected large loss of earnings.

An extract from the letter:

Without a direct decision by the government that Grassroots Music Venues should close, these cultural spaces are opened up to unmanageable risks. Those with insurance cannot claim on it. Those with lease agreements based on trade are in breach of their contracts. Rent, mortgage, rates, VAT, Tax, wages will have to be paid and the entire liability falls on the individual venue operator. We work with those venue operators every day; your announcement has provoked a new public health crisis of unmanageable stress and mental health challenges among this community that was completely unnecessary and could have been avoided.


+++UPDATE: Aus music industry announces Sound of Silence support campaign

“The Australian music industry is sending out an SOS”

An Aus music industry taskforce made up of radio stations, including triple j, record labels, tech companies, government groups and promoters has just announced a new initiative, aiming to maintain a basic income for artists you love during the lockdown of live music brought about by the coronavirus outbreak.

Read about the first Sound of Silence announcement on the triple j website, which highlights immediate ways to help Australian musicians. We will keep you posted on the initiative’s next steps.

+++UPDATE: Global: Sign On to Resident Advisor’s #SaveOurScene

via Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor today published an open letter calling for collective action from the electronic music community. The letter, with 1200 signatories from 5 continents at the time of this writing, inaugurates the #SaveOurScene campaign, which draws together concrete actions for industry professionals and audiences alike to support artists and nightlife communities, sign on to petitions and political actions, and attend the thousands of virtual events popping up worldwide.

An excerpt:

Dance music provides exactly the sense of safety, community and connectedness we’re craving right now. It has given so much to so many. For many of us, it’s how we know our best friends and our partners. It is our main source of day-to-day pleasure, whatever form that takes: listening to mixes on the train, combing Discogs late at night with 25 tabs open, mixing records with friends or playing a gig, counting down the days to a festival or dancing at clubs till dawn. It is one of the things that makes our lives worth living. We believe the world is better because it exists.

Our scene is in more danger now than it ever has been. But it’s also never been more worth fighting for. Whenever coronavirus finally passes, we will return to a world different from the one we left behind. It’s impossible to say what that world will look like, but the people in it will need the values dance music enshrines: inclusiveness, open-heartedness, peace, love, unity and respect.That’s why, even as so many of us face personal hardship, we call on you, the dance music community, to help #SaveOurScene.

—”Save Our Scene: An Open Letter” | Resident Advisor

Visit the campaign page, and sign the open letter.

NEWS: UK: London Club FOLD Offers NHS Use of Space Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

DJ Mag reports, “North London club FOLD, which is currently closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, announced that the club had been registered to be considered for potential clinical or non-clinical use by the NHS. This means the venue could be used for general office and NHS administration work, as well as critical or specialist care.” Read more on FOLD’s Facebook.

NEWS: UK: London Club FOLD Offers NHS Use of Space Amid Coronavirus Pandemic