Safely re-engaging with nightlife and supporting the creative economy

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Penn PennPraxis researchers are collaborating on the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan, which provides best practices, real-world examples, and frameworks for safe and inclusive nightlife.

Erica K. Brockmeier covers the collaborative work of the Global Nighttime Recovery plan on Penn Today.

“To support this highly-vulnerable and culturally-significant part of the economy, the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (GNRP) provides practical guidance for safely reengaging with nightlife during the pandemic.”

“People are incredibly concerned about the economic fragility of nightlife businesses that rely on assembly because restrictions can put both capital investment and employees at risk,” says Fichman, adding that 90% of independent venues could be shuttered this year. “The amount of time and risk it takes to build a creative space was already a really Herculean task, so if we have a ‘nuclear winter’ for creative culture it could last quite some time.”

Michael Fichman, City Planner, Musician who collaborates with VibeLab as a city planning and analytics consultant on efforts such as the Creative Footprint Project

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