+++UPDATE: Berlin: United We Stream: Berlin’s Clubs Continue Party Online

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Nighttime.org co-founder Lutz Leichsenring has mobilised a large number of Berlin’s clubs in response to the economic and cultural void created by COVID-19, the new club conglomerate launching a daily stream from their venues to keep the community active and raise donations for the severely affected industry.

Pollstar reports:

“Berlin’s vibrant underground club scene has come to a complete standstill. To absorb at least some of the damage COVID-19 has had on their businesses, the city’s clubs have launched a digital club, in conjuncture with several media partners, that will be streamed online.

With the whole world quarantined, the press conference announcing the United We Stream initiative took place online. Here’s the lowdown. Starting tomorrow, March 18, every day from 7 p.m., streams of live DJ sets, live music and live performances will be available on www.unitedwestream.berlin.”

Pollstar, 17 March 2020