+++UPDATES: Watch this Space – Global Nighttime Recovery Plan ??

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From lockdown to long-term, cities are asking how we re-envision urban systems to coexist with the ongoing threat of COVID-19. Those new visions must extend into—and through the night. 

With the support of our network, VibeLab is developing a global nighttime recovery plan. This plan will utilise case studies to present workable solutions for cities of many sizes, geographical and economic contexts, and multiple models of nighttime governance.

Interested in finding out more? 

Please reach out via our interest form which is live until May 15th, or direct questions to hello@vibe-lab.org

VibeLab is actively seeking: 

  • partner cities to participate in case studies 
  • development support from funding partners 
  • community input

In the coming weeks, VibeLab will host conversations to inform strategy and resources that can be adopted worldwide. For more background and team info head here

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