VibeLab and Transversal Project unite to shape Malmö’s nightlife

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Exciting news from Malmö as VibeLab and Transversal Project collaborate on new nightlife research.

We plan to research and set the direction for the nightlife in Malmo. Before starting the research, we would like to showcase what we have achieved in the past year and launch our new collaborative project, NIGHT SCHOOL. Come and join us in Malmö for a day full of interesting insights on the night!

Panel discussion: “Sustainability and Nightlife: Perspectives from Malmö and beyond”

Date: Friday 19 January 

Time: 17:00 – 17:45 CET

Venue: Grand Malmö, Monbijougatan 17, 211 53

Malmö, Sweden

With the first discussion, we want to start a conversation about creating a safer, more sustainable and resilient nightlife in Malmö as the nocturnal life is an integral part of the city’s creative ecosystems and is critical in preparing cities for the future. How does nightlife contribute to environmental, economic and social sustainability? This is a topic for our guests, Zeynep Erdal from Helsingborg Innovation District, formerly Studentstad Malmö, Magnus Thure Nilsson, CEO of Media Evolution, Media Evolution City, & The Conference and Nazli Moloudi aka DJ NAZ, DJ and lecturer.

Panel discussion with NIGHT SCHOOL: The Future of Nightlife for Sustainable Cities

Date: Friday 19 January 

Time: 17:45 – 18:15 CET

Venue: Grand Malmö, Monbijougatan 17, 211 53

Malmö, Sweden

Following the research focus group containing local promoters, artists and stakeholders sharing their feelings about the city’s culture as a part of a new report commissioned by Malmö City, we wanted to keep the vibe going and follow up with an open panel discussion for everyone interested about nocturnal visions of the local scene. Since we collaborated with the Transversal Project last year, we’re excited to offer you a sneak peek at our new joint project, NIGHT SCHOOL.

NIGHTSCHOOL is a transnational training programme for night culture producers about environmental, social and economic sustainability. Night culture is a hotbed for the many sections of the creative and cultural industry.

You will learn more from our speakers! Mirik Milan, founder of VibeLab and former night mayor of Amsterdam, will join Steven van Belle, host of Fuse, Brussels’ historic techno club and will share their expertise and provide a European perspective on the significance and impact of nocturnal culture.

Come and join the conversation! 

This event is not just an assembly—it’s an invitation to shape the future of Malmö’s nightlife. Your presence matters as we collectively craft an inclusive and vibrant nocturnal landscape. Whether you’re a nightlife enthusiast, a city planner, an artist, or passionate about shaping Malmö’s cultural identity, your voice matters in this conversation.