Nighttime Economy Summit: International Stage Program revealed!

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Exploring accessibility & awareness, the impact of radio on communities, sensory immersion in the club space, and navigating cities safely.

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Vibelab proudly announces an international talk program that will take place at the Nighttime Industries Association’s event on Thursday, 8th February 2024.  Programmed by Jessie Dymond, the International Stage at the Nighttime Economy Summit takes place in Manchester at Freight Island. The program promises to highlight the most pioneering worldwide practices, trends, and breakthroughs in music-focused and nightlife culture.

International Night-Time Economy Stage Schedule:

SESSION 1: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Title: Solidarity and Accessibility: The Evolution of “Club Culture

This session explores the resurgence of the dancefloor as a space embracing inclusivity and queerness, focusing on accessibility for neurodiverse individuals and people with disabilities- honouring the beginnings of electronic music spaces, which provided a haven for society’s most vulnerable.

Moderated by Katouche Goll, Content Creator and PR

SESSION 2: 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm
Title: Radio Waves: Revolutionizing Solidarity and Connection

Moderator: Christa Belle Walley,  DJ, Promoter, Radio Host, Ableton.

This panel discussion explores the transformative role of radio stations in reshaping collaborative efforts within the club industry. Key speakers include:

SESSION 3: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Title: Sensory Immersion: Redefining “Club Culture” Experiences

: Anjali Prashar-Savoie, Cultural Producer, DJ, Journalist, London, UK

This session delves into strategies for redefining music and entertainment experiences, focusing on sensory immersion, inclusivity, relaxation, wellness, and personalisation in the club space.

Speakers include:

  • Aoife Mc Guinness, Neuroscientist, Multi-Sensory Researcher, Founder of OverFlow, Berlin, Germany
  • Georges de Saint-Mars, Curator and Producer at 36 degrés, Paris, France
  • Opashona Ghosh is an artist, lecturer, and promoter in London, UK.
  • Natalia Szczepanczyk is the segment manager for experiential applications at Holoplot, Berlin, Germany.

SESSION 4: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Title: Nighttime Safety and Urban Solidarity: Navigating Urban Spaces

Anna Sclimm, Artist and Promotor at Holobiont, Senior lecturer, MA Design for Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures, LCC, and Love Underground, London, UK

This panel explores how women, LGBTQI, and POC encounter and interact with urban spaces, drawing attention to the distinctive challenges, particularly regarding security, during daytime and nighttime. A Night Walk will follow from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

Join us for these insightful discussions, which promise to shape the future of electronic music culture. Get tickets on the NTIA website quickly.

About NTIA

The Night-Time Industry Association aims to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of the UK’s nightlife industry and the significant positive impacts of this vibrant sector on society. They take pride in championing the incredibly talented and successful entrepreneurs who have made Britain one of the most thrilling and sought-after destinations for tourists globally. 

About Vibelab

VibeLab is a research, consultancy, and advocacy agency dedicated to supporting creatives and preserving nighttime culture. Vibelab is a platform that fosters cultural exchange and exploration within the global electronic music community. Vibelab aims to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and innovation in the electronic music culture through engaging events and discussions.

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