VibeLab Turns 3!

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It’s been three years since VibeLab came into the world, yet our message feels more important than ever. We believe that a healthy, independent nighttime culture shapes the identity of a city. Lively, diverse, nighttime communities lead to more liberal, inclusive cities.

How did & the GNRP come about?

Last year as the lockdown rippled across the world, as did our concern for the nighttime and creative industries, so we gathered together a core team to create a knowledge sharing platform, and from there blossomed the idea of the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan.

A collaborative and practical, seven chapter guide, the GNRP highlights the global examples on supporting and reopening the nighttime culture whilst exploring future prospects for nightlife.

Each chapter was led by an expert in that field with researchers, advocates, policy makers, scientists, nightlife industry people and council members from across the world contributing ideas and shared best practice to the plan.

Meet the Global Contributors to the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan

Building relationships and connecting advocates in all parts of the world has always been the core of VibeLab‘s work. In the last three years our movement has gained knowledge, created tools and built more capacity than it has ever had. Now it’s time to share ideas, develop long term strategies and support creative communities to recover from this crisis stronger and more resilient.” – Lutz Leichsenring Co founder of VibeLab

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