🎈 Celebrating Five Years of VibeLab!

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Half a decade ago, in 2018, a powerful idea took shape. It was initiated by two forward-thinking individuals, Lutz Leichsenring and Mirik Milan, who aimed to revolutionize city nightlife culture.

This idea grew into a reality, and thus, VibeLab was born. The primary objective of VibeLab was to provide local governments with insights into the scope and value of a city’s nightlife culture, helping them to understand and enhance their city’s nightlife.

🧩 The Evolution of Nighttime Advocacy: 
In the last five years, nighttime advocacy has witnessed significant growth. In the beginning, the concept was relatively unknown and unexplored.

Gradually, Nighttime administration or Advocacy has garnered attention and gained momentum. Today, over 100 global cities have a nighttime office or are working on strategies to improve their nighttime spaces’ safety, culture, and economy. This is a testament to the rise in the popularity and acceptance of nighttime advocacy, as cities worldwide have come to understand the gravitas of gathering spaces and their impact on social, cultural, and economic factors.

Expansion and Growth

Since its inception, VibeLab has expanded its reach and influence. Jane Slingo joined the team as the Director of VibeLab Asia Pacific, further broadening the company’s geographical reach. This expansion allowed VibeLab to tap into new markets and work with different cultures, enriching the company’s experience and expertise in the field.

The Research Team Behind VibeLab’s Success

The success of VibeLab would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of its research team. Diana Raiselis and Maarten van Breederode have been instrumental in the company’s growth, contributing their expertise and knowledge to the team.

Project Management and Consultancy & Research

Overseeing the project management of our consultancy projects are Amir Salem and Thomas Scheele. Their meticulous planning, coordination, and execution of projects have ensured the successful completion of numerous key initiatives.

Communications, Nighttime Advocacy Events, and Design

Managing Communications and Nighttime Advocacy Events is another critical aspect of VibeLab’s operations. Jessie Dymond has taken the helm in this area, developing campaigns and programming conferences and events for the VibeLab network.

Adding to the creative aesthetics and visual appeal of our projects is Jack Waghorn, the talented graphic designer behind our microsites and reports. His innovative designs have played a crucial role in presenting our work and findings in an engaging and visually pleasing manner.

VibeLab’s journey over the past five years has been one of growth, learning, and success. The team is excited about the future and is committed to continuing its work in improving and advocating for urban nightlife culture worldwide.

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