GNRP Chapter 2: The Future of Dancefloors

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Across the globe dance floors are reopening, albeit in different formats to the way we remember. Today the second instalment of the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan is launched with a focus on:

  • Creative businesses model pivots to maintain revenue while the clubbing experience is impossible
  • Responsible virus transmission mitigation tactics to make clubbing safe and enjoyable for patrons, staff and surrounding residents
  • Innovative VR experiments to strengthen the nightlife community and test digital boundaries
  • An equality framework tool to aid venues and promoters in analysing and improving their inclusivity during the pandemic and beyond

The impossibility of sharing physical dance floors has fostered experimentation, and forced the development of complementary activities and alternatives to stay alive, raise awareness, encourage conversation, build networks and collaborations among artists and venues.


Re-Opening Update

 Croatia – Clubs are open, but only until midnight. Open Air Bars are Open regularly

– Hungary – Clubs are open again

– Czech Republic – Clubs are open again

– Iceland – Clubs are open again but 100 capacity Limit

– Slovakia – Clubs are open again

– UK – clubs are completely closed

– Belgium – clubs are completely closed

– Netherlands – clubs are still closed and only allowed to open with seated shows

– Lithuania – Clubs are open again

– South Africa – all closed we have curfew from 10pm

– Latvia – Clubs are open again

– Estonia – Clubs are open again since 1.7. large festival are running again

– Germany – Outside areas of clubs are open (Max 1000 capacity)

– Serbia – first opened, then closed again, now open until 1am

– Spain – clubs are completely closed

– Italy – clubs are completely closed

– Austria – 1am curfew for all venues. no masks indoor if less than 100people OR table reservations and distancing measures

– Switzerland – Clubs are open again (different capacity limits depending on cantons)

If we have missed out your city, or you have news, and updates to provide please reach out

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