How can the Creative Footprint help advocates?

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“One of the most significant issues is that nightlife advocates often understand things to be true in their practice and experience, but don’t have data to advocate for what they see. Policymakers often want to see evidence-based data, pilots, and so on. Creative Footprint provides the beginning of a baseline. We use scores here, but it’s not necessarily about comparing cities to say that this one is better or worse than that one. It’s more about, OK in 2023, this is the score. Montreal did very strongly on aspects of Community Content and Space. It didn’t do nearly as strongly on what we call Framework Conditions: policies, transit, access to information, governance, and so on. As Montreal puts this nightlife strategy into place for the next years, that section is where the “score” can be increased.”

Diana Raisailles, interviewed by Elsa Fortant

Our team has been in Montreal to launch the latest Creative Footprint Report and for the MTL Night Summit that took place on May 17th and 18th at the PHI Center, bringing together creative minds who wish to learn more about nightlife cultures and the international initiatives that support their development. From tonight to the 21st, NON-STOP 24/24 takes place at Pavillon du Grand Quai of the Port of Montreal.

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