+++UPDATE: Los Angeles: LA Nightlife Alliance economic impact survey is live

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via LANA

Los Angeles Nightlife Alliance:

“As the city starts to draft its stimulus bills for various industries, we need to make sure that the voices of those in nightlife are heard. The underground, DIY and queer scenes that LANA supports are some of the most marginalized and invisible at the best of times, and we have to communicate the needs of our community to the city.”

“The Los Angeles Nightlife Alliance is gathering information on the impacts for workers, performers, contractors, and businesses from COVID-19-related business closures and event cancellations.”

“Please provide details for your canceled shifts, gigs, events, and other lost business income, revenue, or work opportunities so that we can share details with city-wide policy makers about the impacts of these closures.”

Los Angeles Survey for Nightlife Workers, Freelancers, Businesses and Patrons Impacted by COVID-19